MARINAS, “Flavour of the Year 2018”

MARINAS received a new award! “Flavour of the year 2018” one of the most prestigious prize in the spanish food industry!

MARINAS Mediterranean Crisps recives a new award. On this occasion, it has been received the accolade of “Sabor del Año 2018″(Flavour of the Year 2018) from consumers, one of the most prestigious in the food industry.

The award was granted to all four flavours in the line of crisps with the sea salt Flor de Sal D’es Trenc and to its “greenest” version, MARINAS Veggie Experience.

The MARINAS line has been awarded by a panel made up anonymous consumers, who rated them in a blind tasting according to criteria such as appearance, smell, texture and flavour, as well as on product satisfaction as a whole.

The “Flavour of the Year” awards have positioned themselves among the most important in the food industry. They are promoted by Global Quality Iberia, a consumer quality centre specialising in product and/or service evaluation processes. it has essentially gained its prestige by giving the consumer the leading role.

MARINAS Mediterranean Crisps received four more awards in the past:

  • 2012: Best Packaging Prize at the XI Snacks Semminar in Spain
  • 2013: Laus Silver Awards ” General public. Unit or Line of Packaging” category
  • 2016: MARINAS Olive won the “Best Crisps and Best Snack” prize by AFAB ( Snacks Manufacturing Association)